Education, teaching and committee activities

Support for young scientists
Advanced training of personnel

IBC engineers are highly interested in ensuring that the topic of water, which is essential to life, is addressed in a sustainably way. For this reason, advanced training is a focal point of our activities. In particular, it is a central concern to network the topic of water internationally, because water has no boundaries.

IBC Ingenieure is involved in the following learning and education programmes:

Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management (M. Sc.)
Water Quality Modelling” University of Duisburg-Essen

Master of Science in Management and Engineering in Water (M. Sc.)
Urban Drainage” RWTH Aachen University

DWA Water management course P/7 Watercourses
Ways to modern watercourse development and efficient watercourse management
Substance inputs and effects on watercourses

Special training course on rainwater and combined sewage treatment for operators and engineering offices
DWA Baden-Würrtemberg Regional Association
Stormwater discharges  – Water-side requirements

Nationwide exchange of experience for water protection officers
Implementation of the Water Framework Directive – Requirements and measures for phosphorus, nitrogen and micropollutant reduction – focus on nitrogen and phosphorus“.


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