Education, teaching and committee activities – details

Actively networked!

IBC Ingenieure is constantly represented in numerous committees, either as a member, speaker or chairman.

Active member of the following technical committees and working groups, including the German Association for Water Management, Waste Water and Waste:

  • DWA Executive Committee HW “Hydrology and Water Management” (Member)
  • DWA Committee of Experts HW-1 “Hydrology” (Member)
  • DWA Working Group HW-1.5 ” Monitoring Networks for the Investigation of Water Quality” (Speaker)
  • DWA Executive Committee GB “Water and Soil” (Member)
  • DWA Committee of Experts GB 1 “Ecology and management of river basins” (Member)
  • DWA Working Group GB 1.4 “Modelling in water quality management” (Speaker)
  • DWA Committee of Experts GB 5 “Substance Inputs and Effects on Watercourses” (Chairman)
  • DWA Working Group GB 5.1 “Emerging substance monitoring of substance input pathwas and rivers” (Member)
  • DWA Committee of Experts HW 4.7 “Resilience in flood- and stormwater risk management” (Member)
  • DWA ad hoc Working Group “Hygiene” (Member)
  • Association of Hydrological Sciences (FGHW) Advisory Board (Guest)
    gaiac – Research Institute for Ecosystem Analysis and Assessment (Advisory Board)

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