Water quality modeling – details

DWA Water Quality Model

IBC engineers apply the water quality model of the DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste). The DWA Water Quality Model is an efficient instrument to support water management planning tasks. It is a software-based simulation model for watercourses. Thanks to its user-friendliness, it can be used in simple applications as well as in complex cases with many boundary conditions. The DWA water quality model can be used for a wide range of water management planning tasks. The areas of application range from data and system analysis, variants analysis for water protection planning to operational implementation in alarm plans. Based on the water discharge module, simulation calculations with 19 modules are possible. The discharge simulation allows the calculation of stationary and transient flows for single and branched river systems. A characteristic method is used to solve the transport equation. This method is particularly suitable for highly dynamic processes. Therefore, the mass transfer processes in the many small and medium sized rivers can be realistically calculated. In addition, the method is suitable for the simulation of shock loads as a result of  operational disturbances and accidents.

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